Saturday, November 26, 2011

Idylls Show and Launch Party

Paul MortonThe AthenaeumWarming Up
Books for SaleIdylls for a Bare Stage by Magus Magnus (twentythreebooks, 2011)Hipponax
Sue StruveWelcome from Magus MagnusKimberly Mikec, "A Sorceress Casts a Spell on Her Faithless Lover"
Kimberly MikecRachel MorrisseyHarlie Sponagle, "A Mother Feels Her Estranged Daughter's Labor Pains"Harlie SponagleSue Struve

Magus Magnus, author of Heraclitean Pride, and former Director of the Yockadot Poetics Theatre Project celebrates the release of his latest book, Idylls for a Bare Stage at the Athenaeum.

Featuring performances by the Actors' Center of Washington D.C. and music by Old Songs with Mark Jickling and Chris Mason.

Performances from Idylls for a Bare Stage as well as other relevant works are featured.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deborah Edelman, CruMoPoPerFest 2010

IMG_7496 by minorpoet
IMG_7496, a photo by minorpoet on Flickr.

R.I.P. Deborah. We've lost one of our beloved local poets and past host of a night of poetry during the 2010 Cruellest Month Poetry and Performance Festival.

Poets, simply, never die. Death may be a word or a theme in a poem, but poetry and poets long ago defied and won out over such unimaginative notions of finality.

You are a bird feather in the stream, and the stream itself. Until, until.